Are you tired of learning as a mere consumption of information?
We make research a leading element of the learning process.
We move from education as a "bus tour"
to education as an individual exploration.
From the human history of wars and conflicts to the history of scientific discoveries.
Do you also find this important?
Synergies between disciplines in applying knowledge
Individual process
Child's own interests are the basis. The Map of sciences will help them to navigate.
Fruitful learning ground
The importance of fruitful learning ground is difficult to overestimate
Learning as a positive experience
Value of experience
Experience is an engine for acquiring knowledge
Individual involvement
Active research instead of passive information consumption
System of life goals
Skills of goal setting are important at any age
Are you interested in our methods?
We explore new teaching methods. Our project is only gaining momentum, but we have already invented and implemented a lot of new things. If you share our values and you are interested in our approaches or you have a desire to work with us individually or in our team, than please contact us.
Who are we?
We are researchers, educated in four different countries. We both have graduate degrees and six diplomas between the two of us. You can learn more about our experiences here
Maryna Lukach
and here
Ruslan Lukach
More details can be found in the Team section
Introduction to kids laboratory "Immersion in Research" (in Russian)
Our mailing list
Here you can provide your contact information. We will inform you about our new projects and laboratories. In the comment section, you can leave a message for us.
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